Cake Show
Dooble - "Cake Show"01:46

Dooble - "Cake Show"

Series Dooble
Season 1
Episode Number 10
Online Release Date August 11, 2015
Linear Release Date October 19, 2015
Episode Guide
Trauncles: "Trousers"
Bad Snaxx: "Breakfast"

Cake Show is the tenth short of Two More Eggs, the fourth featured as part of the Dooble series. The short was released online on August 11, 2015, and aired on TV on October 19, 2015 paired with a showing of the Laika film ParaNorman.

Online Description

Everyone’s favorite pot-bellied traveler is helping make dreams come true as the guest chef on a reality baking show. Can you see him now?


International releases


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