CGI Palz - "Grossface"01:39

CGI Palz - "Grossface"

Series CGI Palz
Season 1
Episode Number 7
Online Release Date August 25, 2015
Linear Release Date TBA
Episode Guide
Bad Snaxx: "Breakfast"
Hot Dip: "Sitcom"

Grossface is the twelfth short of Two More Eggs, the second featured as part of the CGI Palz series. The short was released online on August 25, 2015.

Online Description


A visit from their 2D neighbor Grossface leaves one of the Palz in danger of losing her CG.


Grossface leaves one Palz in danger of losing her CG.


The episode starts with the Palz having fun until Grossface comes and bullies them. He asks them if they got their CG from their "3D mothers". Rooty tells him strictly to leave them alone, and he accepts his command and leaves. Rotisserie asks Arlington what he meant by all that. Arlington then tells him to not listen to him. However, she says she sometimes doesn't feel CG and loses it screaming in terror. Arlington sings a song to save her and at the middle of his singing, Rotisserie becomes CG again. Rooty says that her heart made a choice, and that choice was CG. Grossface comes back and asks if he can ever be CG. The Palz reply "NO!", with The Lenore Street Bridge saying, "Rice ry, Rossface!" and they resume their fun.


International releases


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