Grown Ups Made Up By Kids
Series N/A
Season 2
Episode Number 77
Online Release Date December 21, 2016
Linear Release Date
Episode Guide
Dooble: Game Show"
Hot Dip: "End Game Part II"

Grown Ups Made Up By Kids is the seventy-seventh short of Two More Eggs. It was released online on December 21, 2016.

Online Description


What if kids were responsible for making up grownups? Who would those grownups be, what would define them? Come and find out the answer to those questions and maybe others!


What if kids were responsible for making up grownups?


  • This is the only episode to have only the episode name and not the series in the title.


Spoiler Information

Narrators: Two more eggs? Two more eggs!

Announcer: Grown Ups Made Up By Kids!
Fox: That's right!
Announcer: Chloe Abraham Brianface: Remembers how to spell Tuesday backwards from when she was nine. Grown Ups Made Up By Kids!
Fox: Now we got the money!
Announcer: Robert David Gonger: Helped his neighbors build a treehouse... and then sued them! Grown Ups Made Up By Kids!
Fox: Lemme sample some cheese!
Announcer: Georgie Jay Robinson: Bought dog food, forgot cat food. Two in a row!
Fox: Take a load off!
Announcer: Pansel Arrington! Leafy Garringson! Sewed a pair of pants shut! G-Ups M Up B K!
Fox: Set 'em up an' knock 'em down!
Announcer: Saffron Baffron thinks it's not too late! Pelson J. Boodle: He's a brown pants man, all day! Grown ups made up by kids are individually made up by actual kids, to ensure the highest quality.
Fox: So, is it like a training seminar, or... some kind of toy, or a TV show or something?
Announcer: Uh, I don't actually know. Let's cover all the bases. Grown Ups Made Up By Kids! Enrolling now, collect them all, weekdays at 4:30!
Fox: Now that's what I call (mumbles)!

Cooks: Extra sauce!


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