Hot Dip (series)
Hot Dip logo
Season(s) 2
Episodes  ?? (aired)
6 (released)
First Episode "Not 4 Momz!"
Latest Episode "End Game Part II"
Premiere June 23, 2015 (online)
August 24, 2015 (TV)
Finale Ongoing

Hot Dip is a series of shorts within the Disney web series Two More Eggs. It follows Hayden, an unsuccessful boy, and Hot Dip - the titular mascot of his own food brand which helps kids in just about everything - and it's not for momz!


3. "Not 4 Momz!"
13. "Sitcom"
23. "Learn 2 Talk"
30. "Jamers"
55. "End Game"
78. "End Game Part II"

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