Not 4 Momz!
Hot Dip - "Not 4 Momz!"01:26

Hot Dip - "Not 4 Momz!"

Series Hot Dip
Season 1
Episode Number 3
Online Release Date June 23, 2015
Linear Release Date August 24, 2015
Episode Guide
CGI Palz: "Theme Song"
Dooble: "Video Game"

"Not 4 Momz!" is the third short of Two More Eggs, the first featured as part of the Hot Dip series. The short was released alongside Two More Eggs Tuesdays, "Dooble: Dooblie Doo," and "CGI Palz: Theme Song" on June 23, 2015. The short aired on TV on August 24, 2015 paired with a Star vs. the Forces of Evil rerun.

Online Description


A commercial parody showcasing Hot Dip – the questionably edible product and awesome friend you need in life – but remember, it’s "Not 4 Momz!”


A commercial for Hot Dip, which is "Not 4 Momz!"


  • The music featured at the beginning of the video when Hot Dip is introduced is an instrumental from "Dooblie Doo."

International releases


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