Two More Eggs Tuesdays
Two More Eggs Tuesdays00:55

Two More Eggs Tuesdays

Series N/A
Season 1
Episode Number N/A
Online Release Date June 23, 2015
Linear Release Date N/A
Episode Guide
Dooble: "Dooblie Doo"

Two More Eggs Tuesdays is a trailer for Two More Eggs. It was one of the first released shorts, along with "Dooble: Dooblie Doo," "CGI Palz: Theme Song," and "Hot Dip: Not 4 Momz!" on June 23, 2015.

Online Description

Halosche! Two More Eggs Tuesdays with Dooble, CGI Palz, Hot Dip, and MORE! Subscribe and come back every Tuesday for a new short!


  • The video contains clips of:
    • Dooble: "Cake Show"
    • Dooble: "The Interview"
    • Dooble: "Cake Show" (again)
    • Trauncles: "Trousers"
    • Unknown Hector & Kovitch short
    • Eggpo: "New Job"
    • Bad Snaxx "After School"
    • Trauncles: "Sharing"
    • CGI Palz: "Theme Song"
    • Hot Dip: "Not 4 Momz!"
    • Dooble: "Cake Show" (once again)
    • CGI Palz: "Grossface"
    • Bad Snaxx "After School"
    • Hot Dip: "Not 4 Momz!" (again)
    • Dooble: "Cake Show" (and again)
    • Dooble "Newscarsting"
    • Bad Snaxx: "Breakfast"
    • Dooble: "The Driver"
  • Oddly enough, the short that follows this one, Dooble: "Dooblie Doo", was used in promotions for the show instead of this trailer.


Spoiler Information

Dooble: Halosche! My name is okay; not great. Today, I'm talking about eggs. This is one egg. Is not enough. But this is two more eggs!
Gopher: (autotuned) Two More Eggs Tuesdays!
Dooble: Hit the lights!


♪ Check it out, now! ♪

Underwear: I'm not a diaper!!


♪ Two More Eggs Tuesdays! ♪

Bad Snaxx Teen: I can't feel my esophagus!


♪ Two More Eggs Tuesdays! ♪

Bad Snaxx Teen: These texts are so viral!
Hayden & Hot Dip: Dip-ow!

Deep Voice:

♪ Two More Eggs... ♪

High Voice:

♪ Tuesdays! ♪

Bad Snaxx Father: Nasty!
Dooble: Hey, you throw dance party at me...
(pop music in background)
Police Officer: Sweet cheese, I'm going to need backup...
High Voice: New Two More Eggs!
Dooble: (low voice) Every Tuesday!


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